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The Spiritual Scientist

A Cyber Magazine for Those Who Think
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Magazines & Activities

THE SPIRITUAL SCIENTIST and ETERNAL BLISS are the magazines run by the students of ISKCON YOUTH FORUM (I .Y. F), Pune.


  • The Spiritual Magazine For The Modern Scientific Brain

This magazine is our humble effort to present the timeless Vedic wisdom of India in a manner that would appeal to the modern mind, especially to the brilliant youth of today. For too long this wisdom has been thrust upon on wary generations as a set of rituals and beliefs to be somehow accepted without thinking or questioning.

    The truth, however is, that this spiritual wisdom of SANATANA DHARMA is a rational, comprehensive and logically consistent body of knowledge. It not only deals systematically with phenomena within our common experience but also opens up our minds into realms of knowledge and experience that are utterly beyond the jurisdiction of sense perception. A serious study with an open mind will reveal the flawlessness of the philosophy. In confusing the externals with the essence, a vibrant and dynamic philosophy has been reduced to a stagnant, mechanical and ritualistic way of life. The Vedanta Sutra exhorts us: "Athato brahma.jijnasa" "Now inquire about the Absolute Truth". We are not asked to accept on blind faith but rather, we are encouraged to depart from the beaten track and question the very nature of our existence and the how's and why's of our life.

    The Spiritual Scientist

  • 0bjectives Of The SPIRITUAL SCIENTIST ....

    Keeping the aforementioned maxim as our guiding principle, we have embarked on this modest venture with the following objectives:

  • To demonstrate that SANATANA DHARMA is not a set of dogmas and irrational assertions but complete Science.
  • To guide the Indian students with a western bias toward a scientific and systematic understanding of their spiritual heritage.
  • To view developments in various fields of modern science as diverse as Physics, Psychology, Genetic Engineering etc., from the perspective of spiritual science.
  • To demonstrate the Relevance and Utility of this Science in our times.

Sample Topics

Some sample titles of articles are presented below:

  • Stress Management & Mantra meditation
  • Meditation, Concentration & Grasping Power
  • Rationale for Existence of God
  • Artificial Intelligence : Can behavior be incorporated into Computers?
  • Dangers of misuse of sex
  • Scientific Evidence for the existence of the Soul
  • Science of Reincarnation
  • Dangers of Meat Eating & Intoxication
  • Human Embryology - A Vedic Perspective
  • The Mystery of Consciousness


  • The IYF Magazine For The Young & Young At Heart

    This magazine is our humble effort to present the timeless Vedic wisdom of India to YOUTH. Today's educated youth is looking for journals to satisfy their reading propensity. But unfortunately most of the journals pollute their consciousness and drag them away from the real goal of life -- God conscious culture which enhances ones moral & spiritual standards leading to peace, happiness and prosperity.

Most of the youngsters today are seeking happiness vainly in the apparent pleasures of the material world, which leads them to frustration and hopelessness. Today's youth is completely confused and is searching for an alternative way of life which will lead them to true peace and happiness. The frustration and suffering is only because of forgetting the true spiritual culture of India.

    When Srila Prabhupada, Founder Acarya of ISKCON movement, went to the West, he met the youth in a similar condition of life. Through the profound philosophy of Bhagavad Gita and appropriate spiritual engagement for the senses, he transformed them into perfect gentlemen free from sinful activities like illicit sex, meat eating, gambling and intoxication. He desired and wanted his followers to preach in the same mood to the Youth of India. The magazine ETERNAL BLISS aims at educating and involving both young and 'young at heart' in the Principles of SANATANA DHARMA, which are universal and common to all regardless of race, caste or creed.


    Eternal Bliss

  • 0bjectives Of 'ETERNAL BLISS ....

    To establish a strong youth force of spiritually stout students who are genuine practitioners and representatives of Sanatana Dharma, who will be like beacon lights for guiding the rest of the society.

  • To help youth to shed all their misconceptions about religion and know of the glory of our rich spiritual heritage of Bharat-varsha.
  • To teach students to build up character, develop personality and learn to lead a life of 'Simple living, High thinking' and expose them to higher dimensions of life.
  • To teach how to practice the science of Pure Devotional Service which is real goal of life, which alone can situate one in permanent everlasting bliss.

Sample Topics

Some sample titles of articles are presented below:

  • Drug Abuse-- The Danger and Solution
  • Character build up -- Qualifying to attract the mercy of God
  • Yoga & the Topmost Yoga System
  • Meditation-- The Object, the Means and the Purpose
  • Krishna's Rasa Lila-- Can we IMITATE?
  • The six urges & the means to control them
  • Physical health & mental equilibrium
  • Sports-- the modern & Vedic perspective
  • Is work worship? -- Karma & Karma Yoga
  • Caste system in Vedic society-- For chaos / harmony?

    Role Of These Magazines Amongst Youth......

    Today's students are tomorrow’s leaders. All brilliant students studying in various colleges are going to be the leading managers/businessmen. Knowledge is power. But misuse of knowledge of such people can ruin the entire country. The only remedy for this is to offer them true spiritual science when they are young students. This will make them not only efficient leaders, but also true spiritualists & moralists. Such exemplary people can keep true peace in the country.

IYF Newsletter

This is a 4-page monthly magazine. This magazine has one page striking article from current issues or some Srila Prabhupada speaks out (Srila Prabhupada's arguments with Christians, Mayavadis, Scientists), or some part of old BTG article or some catchy topics similar to the ones published in Spiritual scientist or Eternal bliss.

To introduce the magazine to new people, it has few lines editorial which also invites suggestions and their response about it. This magazine has information about the activities of the previous month and gives brief information about forthcoming activities with as many sharp pictures as possible on our different preaching programs - One time, 6 day, 7 day, Summer Camps, Core group meetings, Launching first B.S.L. College toppers from IYF, Newly started youth programs, realizations of summer camp students, new initiate IYF students, new group of students assembling for morning programs in colleges etc.

To attract the crowd, it has beautiful advertisements of Summer Camp along with various IYF publications and it induces students to 'Become a IYF member'. Also about the sale of tapes set on various topics, sale of complete package of 'Art of Mind control' slides + tape + book, Pandava Seva, book distribution news etc.

It also has some information about Bhakta Prahlada School, weekly IYF programs in Pune, Youth preaching quotes by Srila Prabhupada, Introducing leaders of IYF along with a long list of the names of IYF members and their college. And few quick-to-read, humorous but built-in with philosophy, thought-provoking information.

This magazine is generally sent to fresh upcoming beginners showing interest in IYF, Pandava seva donors, IYF members, program participants, leading life members, leading libraries and companies in Pune, IYF well wishers abroad through e-mail.


IYF Students Learning To Play Mridanga

IYF members are trained in playing instruments like mridangam, kartals, in singing devotional songs, learning to present philosophical lectures based on various topics of Bhagavad gita topics and in leadership qualities. There is a weekend IYF MEETING held every Saturday for this purpose.


  Jaigopal das (B.Arch)

The Need ....

College students and youth groups organise annual gatherings, which meet with a very enthusiastic response from the youth community. A massive Youth Festival has a very high propaganda value for IYF activities. The idea is to get the youths from various colleges in large numbers and present them with a nicely arranged Krishna conscious program.

Thousands Of Youths Enjoying the Youth Festival

Benefits ....

  • The youth festival provides tremendous publicity and goodwill for IYF. Practically every student from all the colleges in the city comes to know about IYF.
  • It gives IYF recognition as an established youth and cultural organization, on par with any other youth organization.
  • We can invite big people from society (such as principals, youth activists, etc.) for the festival, get their appreciation and also introduce them to IYF and Krishna consciousness. This will help us get easy entrances into their colleges for preaching.
  • Press coverage helps spread the name and activities of ISKCON/IYF in the city.

    Highlights ....

  • We can present a lecture on various interest-arousing topics such as 'Vedic and Modern Civilization', 'Science and the Vedas', `You were born free' etc.
  • Krishna conscious dramas (only if done in a professional way)
  • Video show on Srila Prabhupada 'Your Ever Wellwisher'
  • Ecstatic prasadam feast
  • Prize distribution to students from the hands of dignitaries

The audience consists of interested youths from different colleges in the city. Passes are issued to the students in advance in their own colleges, through our student devotees. Our target is at least 1000 students.


IYF organizes Bhagavad gita contests, Life after death contest and similar competitions from time to time to expose thousands of students to the Vedic wisdom. Big prizes are awarded during festivals for the winners.


 Inter-Collegiate Debate Organised By IYF Pune 

ISKCON Youth Forum, in co-operation with the reputed software training institute, Software Solutions Integrated (SSI), organized intra-college debates    in the leading colleges in Pune such as MIT, AISSMS, AIT, B.J. Medical, D.Y.Patil, PICT, BVP, VIT, COET and Wadia, in which several hundreds of students participated. During the final round held at the ISKCON center in Pune Camp on the evening of the 23rd of September, Saturday, the winners of the intra-collegiate debates, 60 of the most intellectual students from these

Inter-Collegiate Debate

colleges, spoke on the topic, " Has industrialization made man into a machine?". The winners of the inter-collegiate competition were:

Inter-Collegiate Debate Prize Distribution

     1.Gauri Bajaj... AIT
     2.Siddharth Chandorkar ... MIT
.Shamik Ghosh ...VIT
     1.Gauri Bajaj & Rohit Parsad (AIT)
     2.Shamik Ghosh & Ruchir Astavans(VIT)
     3.Awaneet Chaudhary & Mukesh  (AIT)

The panel of judges comprised of eminent personalities from the fields of Industry, Management and Journalism, namely, Mr K. Rajaram, management consultant, Mr Nikhil Gajendra-Gadkar, Senior editor, Kesari and Mr Shailesh Kutty, Advertising expert.

After the students presented their views, there was a brilliant presentation of the Vedic perspective on the issue by   the   chief   guest, His Grace Shyamanand Das (MBA), President, ISKCON, Chowpatty, Mumbai and author of ‘Manager, manage yourself’. He proposed a marriage between modern scientific technology and ancient Vedic wisdom as the panacea for the problems confronting the world today.

H.G.Shyamananda Das Giving A Vedic Perspective To The Debate Topic

The program concluded with a sumptuous feast of delicious Krishna-prasadam for all present. Over 400 students participated in the program.   

Students Expressing Their Views Students Expressing Their Views


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Hare Krishna Hare Krishna   Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama   Rama Rama Hare Hare

                                                 And make your life sublime.