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Youth preaching at Pune has broughtforth hundreds of dedicated youths from various Colleges and all these students are gradually becoming trained as preachers of Krishna consciousness. Not only do these youth preach to other youths ; they also preach to children, congregation devotees and youth alike.

Some of the youth have taken up Bhakta Prahlad School (BPS), children preaching as their life and soul. Through this more than two hundred children have become admitted into BPS. These BPS classes are conducted once a week, for a couple of hours generally on Friday or Saturday evenings. These programs are generally hosted by serious congregation members and IYF preachers go to conduct classes.

BPS does not just offer `some engagement' to keep children away from disturbance ; BPS offers different levels of courses and IYF has published coursebooks prepared especially for them. The children appear for exams

BPS Pamphlet

twice a year, once in the month of August and the another time in the month of January. By all this, many children are becoming devotees and their parents too are taking keen interest.

ISKCON Youth forum inducts preachers based on the public speaking test, held in the weekend IYF Meetings. Those students who get 60% and above are eligible for becoming BPS teachers.

Bhakta Prahlad School (BPS)

The BPS offers six Levels Junior Courses and six Levels of Senior Courses. The Junior Level Courses are meant for the children upto the age of nine years and below and the Senior Level Courses are for children in the age group of ten to fifteen.

BPS Children The Classes of the BPS are conducted by both IYF preachers and congregation members in different parts of Pune in about thirteen Centres. Children feel greatly enlivened and enthused by these courses. Besides this BPS also organizes Bal Utsav, twice in a year and also prepares the children for drama, skit, sloka recitation and such things during the other Festivals.

The responsibility of publishing books for the children and conducting the examinations have been taken by prominent youth members from the IYF and congregation.

The text Books meant for the BPS children basically teach them five items : Pastimes of Krishna, Prayers, Vaishnava Song, Slokas and Vaishnava etiquette. The lessons are taught with contemplate points, stories and moral, which are elaborately discussed with the children during the course so they can imbibe the same in their lives and ultimately become good devotees.

The BPS also holds CHILDREN CAMPS DURING VACATION for outside Children Clubs and Sunday Schools. The BPS also holds Cell group Meeting of those children who are above the age of Thirteen years, which covers more advanced topics like -- the life and teachings of Vaishnava acharyas, Chanting, devotee relationships, Guru and Disciple, to name a few.

The Junior Level Courses are 'Getting to Know Krishna', 'Wonderful Krishna', 'Advent of Lord Krishna' and others.

Junior First Level Course
Junior Second Level Course

The six Senior level courses are :

  • Krishna's Childhood Pastimes
  • Krishna's Boyhood Pastimes
  • Krishna's Pastimes with Demigods
  • Krishna delivers Kamsa
  • Krishna - Friend of the Pandavas
  • Bhagavad-gita : The Song of God


The books for the first few levels have already been published and the rest of the books are under preparation. These Junior (6 x 6 months = 3 years) and Senior courses can thus keep the children engaged in positive spiritual activities for at least 6 years, after which they can become IYF members and continue their devotional service nicely.

Presently BPS has branches in various parts of Pune as given below.



  • F-29, Sacred Heart Town, Wanawadi, Pune – 411 040.

Mr. L.Raghavan

Tel: 4002545

  • Flat no. 4, Block A, Abhyudhay Park, 8 Baner Road, Pune 411 007.

Radhaprema Mataji

Tel : 5657969

  • D-4, Shatataraka, Aundh Rd, Khadki, Pune-3, Next to Ganapati Temple.

Gaurpriya Matajii

Tel: 5815066

  • 19 Sitai Park, D.P Road, Aundh, Aundh, Pune 7.

Dr. S.N Bhosale

Tel: 5884610

  • ISKCON Temple 4,Tarapore Road Pune Camp Pune-1

Madan Mohini Mataji

Tel: 840259

  • 41, Vinit Co-operating Hsg Society, Nr Karve Statue, Kothrud, Pune-29.

Mr. R. S Sharma

Tel: 342582



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