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Sector Committee (SC)

Advaita Acharya Das, B.E.Chem.

The Sector Committee comprises of six sector counsellors and the Director which meet once a week, plans out all strategies and plan of action for a given semester and hands it over down the line through counselling programs. The SC acts as the intelligentia of IYF for all activities. The minutes of the meeting of SC are displayed for the benefit of other members in IYF every week. The ideas and suggestions from various individuals and committees also are presented in this committee for further discussion and finalisation. The SC meeting also bringsforth a fortnightly two page magazine for devotees, known as BHAGYAVAN JEEV, which deals with the practical problems (with examples) faced by youth while executing Krishna consciousness and how to solve them.

Members of S.C ....

  • Radheshyam Das, M.Tech. (IIT, Bombay), Director, IYF, Pune
  • Premanidhi Das, B.E.Comp., Asst. Director, IYF, Pune
  • Krishnakishore Das, B.E.Comp, Chairman CC, IYF, Pune
  • Gaursundar Das, B.E.Mech.
  • Vrajabasi Das, B.E.(E & TC)
  • Jaigopal Das, B.Arch.
  • Rasikananda Das, B.E. Comp.

The SC members mentioned above have been well situated devotees for more than 6 years and are currently the binding force of IYF, Pune.

Core Group (CG)

Tulasi Das(  B.E. (Mech.) Software Engineer TELCO,Pune

The IYF Core group comprises of the most serious fixed up preachers of IYF, Pune. A core group member of course, is expected to  attend morning programs either at temple or at BSL, accept only Krishna prasadam and follow all four regulative principles. Besides all these, he is supposed to be actively engaged in assisting IYF preaching activities in his college. Generally the leaders, assistant leaders and organizers of youth programs who inspire many other students become the CG members. Currently we have 50 CG members and over 300 IYF members. The CG meets once a month or once in two months. The main topics of discussion in CG meeting are:

  • Sharing preaching experiences of various devotees
  • Evaluating pros and cons and brainstorming improvements
  • Reading and Hearing about Srila Prabhupada’s preaching
  • Remembering Future vision and solidifying ideas
  • Kirtans, Vaisnava songs and ecstatic feast at the end

One of the greatest advantages of CG meeting is that it helps devotee leaders from various colleges to come together and feel a great intimacy through sharing with one another. It also gives opportunity for the SC members and CC members to come together and share with one another. This loving relationship is the binding force of IYF, Pune and this alone can please Srila Prabhupada.

Members of Core Group (CG) ....

  1. Radheshyam Das, M.Tech. (IIT, Mumbai)
  2. Director, IYF, Pune

  3. Premanidhi Das, B.E.Comp.,
  4. Asst. Director, IYF, Pune

  5. Gaursundar das (B.E Mech)
  6. Vrajabasi das (B.E Electronics ,M.S)
  7. Jaigopal Das (B.Arch)
  8. Krishnakishore das (B.E Comp,M.E. Comp,Prof BVP College)
  9. Rasikananda Das (B.E Comp, IIT Kharagpur)
  10. Shankar Pandit das (B.E Comp) (Co-ordinator I Y F)
  11. Gaur lila das (B.Tech Comp IIT Kanpur)
  12. Advaita acharya das (B.E Chem)
  13. Vrajanand das (B.E Comp)
  14. Mukundananda das (M.E Chem, Prof MIT College)
  15. Patita Pavan das (M.E Chem, Prof SSPMS College )
  16. Sri Guru Caran das (B.E Mech)
  17. Sundershyam das (B.E Eletrical)
  18. Tulsi das (B.E Mech) S/W Engineer TELCO)
  19. Chaitanya Carana das (B.E Electronics)
  20. Murari das (B.E E&TC)
  21. Sunil Chrungoo (MCM)
  22. Vishram Ghokale (B.E Mech,Resource Manager,Suvin Technologies)
  23. Vamsi Vadana das (MBBS)
  24. Ramananda das (CA)
  25. Sandesh (B.E Chem)
  26. Mahesh Patil (B.E Mech)
  27. Saurabh(MBBS ,BVP Medical college)
  28. Manish Joshi (B.E Mech)
  29. Anant Nitai das (B.E Chem)
  30. Amol Shinde (Diploma Civil)
  31. Keshav Karande (B.E Chem
  32. )
  33. Yashodeep (B.E Mech)
  34. Mandeep (B.Tech, IIT Delhi,
  35. S/W Engineer Geometric Software Systems )
  36. Praveen Kumar Singh (BIT Mesra,S/W Engineer TCS Pune)
  37. Gaur Govind das (S/W Engineer)
  38. Ram Nitai das (MTech ,IIT Madras,Prof BVP Engg College)
  39. Srihari das (BSc Agriculture)
  40. Vraj Vilasa das (Diploma Mech)
  41. Harinaam das (B.E Electronics, Masters in Information Technology)
  42. Subala Gopal das (B.E E&TC,Prof BVP Engg college)
  43. Sankirtan Anand das (B.E E&TC)
  44. Sundervar das (Diploma Mech)
  45. Vikas Mantoo (B.E ELEX,Prof BVP Engg College)
  46. Anant Vaknalli (B.E Mech)
  47. Ravinder (B.E Comp)
  48. Harsh vishal (B.E Mech)
  49. Atul Mogre (B.E Mech,S/W Engineer,TTIL)
  50. Santosh Joshi (B.E Mech,S/W Engineer,INFOSYS)
  51. Ravi Sale (B.E Prod,S/W Engineer,TTIL)
  52. Bipin Kumar (MBBS, BJ Medical College )
  53. Prashant (MBBS ,BJ Medical College)
  54. Ajay Mani (B.E Electronics, MBA)
  55. Rajesh Bajaj (MBA)
  56. Shivam Kapoor (B.E Chem)
  57. Dnyanesh (B.E Prod)
  58. Ganesh (Diploma Comp)
  59. Vipin Ramakrishnan (B.E Electronics
  60. )

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Hare Rama Hare Rama   Rama Rama Hare Hare

                                                 And make your life sublime.