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     Committee (CC)

The Co-ordination committee is a group of very dedicated Students and working IYF devotees, who meet fortnightly to implement the plans made by the Core group (CG) or by Sector Committee (SC).

The brahmacari preachers of IYF and CC members work together to make all the programs successful. This combination becomes extremely powerful in attracting the masses to become Krishna conscious. To put it in a nutshell, the CC members do all co-ordination work of a program and brahmacaris just go to preach.

CC member's work

Organising programs, getting permission, inviting students, keeping follow up, co-ordinating the whole program, establishing facilities like books / tapes libraries for students, conducting cell groups, giving suggestions and ideas to the brahmacari preacher in a particular area how to develop the program in that situation, locating big people and arranging meetings, establishing BSL facilities close to colleges.

Members of Co-ordination Committee, IYF, Pune

  1. Krishnakishore das (B.E Comp, M.E Comp, Prof. BVP College, Chairman CC)
  2. Mukundananda das (M.E Chem, Prof MIT College, Asst. Chairman CC)
  3. Jaigopal Das (B.Arch)
  4. Rasikananda Das (B.E Comp )
  5. Patita Pavan das (M.E Chem, Prof SSPMS College )
  6. Sundershyam das (B.E Electrical)
  7. Tulsi das (B.E Mech, S/W Engineer, TELCO)
  8. Vishram Ghokale (B.E Mech,Resources Manager,Suvin Technologies)
  9. Ramananda das (C. A)
  10. Sandesh Patil (B.E Chem)
  11. Mahesh Patil( B.E Mech)
  12. Saurabh (MBBS BVP Medical college)
  13. Manish Joshi (B.E Mech)
  14. Amol Shinde (Diploma Civil)
  15. Keshav karande (B.E Chem)
  16. Yashodeep (B.E Mech)
  17. Mandeep (B.Tech IIT Delhi,Geometric Software Pvt Ltd.)
  18. Gour Govind das (S/W Engineer)
  19. Ram Nitai das (MTech ,IIT Chennai)
  20. Sri Hari das (BSc Agri)
  21. Vraj Vilas das (Diploma Mech)
  22. Harinam das (B.E Electronics, MPIT , Bharti Telesoft Ltd.)
  23. Subala Gopal das (B.E E&TC, Prof BVP Engg college)
  24. Sankirtan Anand das (B.E E&TC ,S/W Engg CMC)
  25. Sundervar das (Diploma Mech)
  26. Vikas Mantoo (B.E Prof BVP Engg College)
  27. Anant Vaknalli (B.E Mech)
  28. Ravinder Singh (B.E Comp)
  29. Harsh vishal (B.E Mech)
  30. Atul Mogre (B.E Mech,Tata Technologies Ltd.)
  31. Santosh Joshi (B.E Mech,Infosys)
  32. Ravi Sale (B.E Prod ,Tata Technologies Ltd.)
  33. Vishal Yadav(B.E. Metallurgy)
  34. Atul Patil(B.E. Computers)
  35. Sushil Malbari (B.E. Mech, S/W Engineer ,TCS )
  36. Rakesh Shimpi ( B. E. E&TC )
  37. Bipin Kumar (MBBS ,BJ Medical College )
  38. Prashant (MBBS BJ Medical College )
  39. Rajesh Bajaj B.E. Elex,MBA)
  40. Shivam Kapoor (B.E Chem)
  41. Dnyanesh (B.E Prod)
  42. Ganesh (Diploma Computer,B.E. Computers)
  43. Vipin Ramakrishnan (B.E Electronics)



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