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I.Y.F. Publications

 Books published...............

Pocket books:

These are small pocket-sized books conveying a basic theme in Krishna Conscious

philosophy. They are especially suited for intensive distribution in the college vicinity

in order to create awareness and arouse interest about IYF in the student community

and as the subject for introductory one-time programs.

The books published till date along with a brief description of their contents are:

 1. The Art of Mind Control

This book explains the great importance of mind control in the life of each one of us; it is the state of our mind that determines our entire life. An uncontrolled mind can devastate not just the life of one person, but entire society. After giving a clear understanding of the nature and the position of the mind using the chariot-body analogy, the working of the body-mind-intelligence mechanism is lucidly explained using practical examples. Strategies for self-control at the level of the senses, the mind and the intelligence are then delineated. The book concludes with the panacea - the chanting of Hare Krishna, as the best method for mastering the art of mind control.

Art of Mind Control
Price: Rs 5/-

Mantra Meditation

Price Rs. 5/-

This book begins with a portrayal of the debilitating and pernicious effect that stress is having in modern society. Indeed doctors have predicted that stress is going to be the most widespread disease of the new millenium. The utter inability of modern science to even understand stress, leave alone their faltering attempts to treat its symptoms at a superficial level, is clearly exposed. The real cause of stress - the unnatural and unregulated lifestyle of modern man - is explained in the light of a clearcut understanding of the body, the mind and the soul. The real and indeed, the only way, of getting release from stress is the therapy of mantra meditation - the chanting of the Hare Krishna maha-mantra. The further benefits of mantra meditation, apart from relief from stress, such as purification of heart, control of mind and development of love of God are also explained.


3.Life after Death - A Scientific Reality :

This book destroys the widespread misconception that reincarnation is just a sectarian religious belief by proving scientifically the existence of soul. Past-life memories, near-death experiences (NDEs), intuitive understanding, common sense and the presence of consciousness are all used to drive home the reality of the existence of the eternal soul beyond the temporary body. The difference between a sentient human being and an insentient machine is also used to gain a further understanding of the presence of the soul. The nature of the gross body, the subtle body and the soul proper are then delineated. The book concludes with an explanation of action on the platform of the soul as the way to true happiness.  

Price Rs. 5/-


Themes from Bhagavad-gita (TBG) series

The twenty-five chapters teaching essential themes of Bhagavad-gita have been converted into a series of four small books, each consisting of six sessions. This is because students prefer participating in fixed-duration courses rather than in eternal weekly program. That is the way they are taught their college studies. There they have a specific course of a fixed duration with a specified syllabus. For example, an engineering course implies that it is for four years and has the syllabus specified by the university. Similarly students always ask, "There is a lecture today. What is the topic? What is the course?" Therefore youth programs should always be in the form of fixed-duration courses with books for each course. Weekly Bhagavad-gita classes may be good for old people but they will not appeal to the youth of the fast-food generation. They will however readily participate in a specific course such as 'The Science of Self-Discovery'. And after participating in these four courses they will become sufficiently fixed up to come for regular programs in the temple several times a week.


The four volumes in the TBG series are ....

1. TBG Volume 1 : Discover Your Self (DYS) :

This book is used as the foundation course for the introductory six-session programs in colleges and in yoga retreat camps.

Price Rs. 80/-

DYS begins by scientifically proving the existence of God. It explains the limitations of modern science in acquiring true knowledge and the relative nature of the knowledge acquired through it. It further explains the importance of the Vedic literature as the only source of infallible wisdom. And on the basis of Vedic literature, supplemented by modern scientific findings, it explains vividly the difference between the body and the soul. Finally complete absorption of one's mind and intelligence in the thoughts of Lord Krishna while still continuing one's occupational duties is explained as the real art of living. The role of Paramatma (supersoul), the true friend of the soul in directing his wanderings through various species of life is also explained. The book categorically establishes the difference between minute living entity and the Supreme soul in the end.


2. TBG Volume 2 : Your Best Friend (YBS) :

This and the next two books are used as course material for the weekly programs.

YBS provides the seeker with a systematic understanding of the Absolute Truth. The unique position of God as the supreme proprietor, controller and enjoyer is clearly delineated. Then a clear understanding of a real guru and a real disciple is given to help the seeker protect himself from cheaters posing as gurus. Further the supreme position of the Vedic literatures among all the scriptures of the world is shown by a graphic comparative study. The controversy of personalism versus impersonalism is resolved by explanation of the acintyabhedabheda tattva (simultaneous oneness and difference between the living entity and the Supreme) And the supreme position of Lord Krishna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead over the other demigods is established beyond all doubts on the basis of the Vedic scriptures.

Price Rs. 100/-

3. TBG Volume 3 : Science of Conquering Death :

This book explains that the ultimate success of human life lies in conquering death. The true nature of the material world - a temporary place full of misery, with only an illusion of the presence of happiness - is then exposed. The science of reincarnation are explained in a scientific manner with real life illustrations. Thereafter the key to liberation from the bonds of karma and cycle of repeated birth and death is given: remembrance of Lord Krishna at the moment of death. The importance of practicing Krishna consciousness throughout one's life as a preparation for the final exam of death is then stressed and the practical applications of Bhagavad-gita in our life are also explained.

4. TBG Volume 4 : Science of Yoga :

This book explains the real meaning of yoga as the means to connect the soul with the Supersoul in a relationship of eternal and loving service. An explanation of the various yoga systems, karma-yoga, jnana-yoga and dhyana yoga, along with the immense difficulties involved in genuinely practicing them in the present Kali-Yuga is then given. Further, the supreme position of bhakti-yoga, devotional service to Lord Krishna, as the topmost yoga system is clearly established. The two methods of achieving the ultimate goal of life, namely, the step-by-step method of gradually progressing on the yoga ladder over a period of many births and the shortcut of taking to Krishna consciousness by the association of a pure devotee are also explained.

Out of these four books, the first has already been published whereas the other three are in the process of being published.


4. A Tryst with Eternal Beauty :

A Tryst With Eternal Beauty This book centers around the theme that the individual's quest for beauty is misdirected in the material realm; real beauty exist only in the Supreme Person. The failure of the modern civilization to provide any lasting satisfaction to man inspite of great scientific advancement provides the backdrop for this theme. The illusory nature of material beauty is exposed using the story of the liquid beauty. The nature of the soul and its relationship of eternal servitude with the Supreme Lord are then explained. The book concludes with the theme that man's tryst with eternal beauty can be fulfilled only when he reposes his propensity to love and serve in the all-attractive Supreme Person, Lord Sri Krishna by incessantly chanting His Holy Names.

Essence of Bhagavad-gita (EBG) :

This is a crash course of the original twenty-five chapters on important themes from Bhagavad-gita. It is meant for a six-session course or a yoga retreat camp for those who are already quite conversant with the philosophy of Krishna consciousness. The TBG series provides exhaustive coverage of the important themes of Bhagavad-gita whereas EBG provides the same knowledge in a condensed form. EBG is suitable for a quick brush-up but it is not a substitute for the TBG series.

Essence Of Bhagavad Gita

Books for Children

Since children have very impressionable minds, if they are taught Krishna consciousness, they will carry lasting impressions throughout their lives. And if they get proper association in their youth they can become strong devotees. With this in mind IYF has also designed courses for children to give them an opportunity to become Krishna conscious.

There are two courses for children depending on their age group:

**Junior course

This is meant for children in the age group 5-9. The books for this course teach pastimes of Lord Krishna together with enlivening teaching aids such as drawings, paintings etc.

The Junior Level Course books are 'Getting to Know Krishna', 'Wonderful Krishna', 'Advent of Lord Krishna' and others pastimes of Lord Krishna.

**Senior course

This is meant for children in the age group 10-15. The books for this course teach pastimes of Lord Krishna together with their morals, Vaishnava songs and etiquette, important slokas and prayers and assignment questions.

There are six books each for juniors and seniors. Each of these books consist of seven chapters which are to be taught over a six-month period. Thus the total course duration for the juniors as well as the seniors is three years each.


The six Senior Level Course books are :

  1. Krishna's Childhood Pastimes
  2. Krishna's Boyhood Pastimes
  3. Krishna's Pastimes with Demigods
  4. Krishna delivers Kamsa
  5. Krishna - Friend of the Pandavas
  6. Bhagavad-gita : The Song of God


Krishna's Childhood Pastimes Krishna's Boyhood Pastimes


Out of these the first book in the junior course and the first two books in the senior course have already been published. The remaining books will soon be published.

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Hare Rama Hare Rama   Rama Rama Hare Hare

                                                 And make your life sublime.