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IYF Prasadam Co-ordination


Prasadam is one of the major factors in the Krishna consciousness movement that brings many students to ISKCON. By paying proper attention to the quality and quantity of prasadam served in various programs, we can attract hundreds and thousands of youths to Krishna's lotus feet.

Our temple provides daily Krishna prasadam from the temple for more than 50 students all over Pune, who pay a monthly donation to the temple. Sending prasadam to dedicated devotees serves the following purposes:

  • Helps them to stick to their Krishna conscious vows and make quick advancement in spiritual life.
  • Helps to build relationship between temple and students.
  • Helps them to avoid non-devotee association in the mess or hotels
  • Brings student devotees together and gives them an opportunity to hear Krishna katha while honoring prasadam.

It may not be practical to send prasadam for hundreds of students. We have strict eligibility criteria for choosing the students deserving prasadam from temple. They should be chanting 16 rounds, attending morning program in a group of devotees and rendering practical service for weekly programs and to IYF. The students should desperately feel the need for the Lord's prasadam and should be following all the four regulative principles. During the preparatory leaves before examinations, we provide them with some puffed rice or dry sweets, which can be stored for a long time, so that they can have them from time to time, when they feel hungry.

For all other special programs of the IYF such as IYF meetings, seminars held in the temple and Yoga Retreat Camps, menu will be decided in advance. IYF prasadam co-ordinator will make sure that the prasadam is available, stored carefully and distributed to the students.   

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